Welcome to Digital Plus

DIGITAL PLUS is a group of professionals, dedicated and highly motivated team, established in 1998 to serve and fulfill the Hi-TECH electronic security, Scientific, Forensic, electronic, Solar and IT equipments and components that is needs of all major industries of Pakistan. We pay Special attention to Time, Techniques, Methodology & Technology, offering the best quality standard for our clients, ensuring the maximum security, solar, and IT products. Customer services and customer satisfaction being placed at the forefront has allowed Digital Plus to boast a wide spectrum of high profile customers ranging from Educational establishments, Research and Development organizations, OEMs to Industrial, Defense and the Telecom and IT sectors. Our solutions are one of the very best considering the functionality, professional features, beginner ease-of- use and the cost involved. We always look forward to a long-lasting business relationship.

Electronic Security Solution

Fire Detection and Evacuation

Law Enforcement and Security

Physical Security