explosion proof items and products in Pakistan
  • When it comes to the safety & security of home & commercial business in Pakistan DigitalPlus is on the top in supplying safety products all over the country. We deal in all kind of explosion proof items and products in Pakistan. Our products are best in harsh & extreme environments.

    explosion proof items and products in Pakistan

    In addition to safety, our PFLITSCH explosion-proof cameras are made to not cause any serious explosion in extremely flammable or dangerous environments. All of our explosion proof products are created with significant duty stainless-steel. It helps form a decent seal around the product. Therefore it makes sure that it will not cause any sudden sparks or serious explosion.

    Explosion Proof  Safety Items In Pakistan

    Here is the list of explosion proof products that we supply in Pakistan:

    • LED Lights
    • Veilux SVEX-2028E Explosive Proof Controller
    • CCTV Cameras
    • Explosion Proof Power Receptacle
    • Explosion Proof Housing
    • Junction Box
    • Liquid Cooling Dust Proof
    • Explosion Proof Horn
    • Water/Oil Resistant Explosion-proof  LED Work Light
    • EZ-Proof Industrial Sockets
    • Explosion Proof Signal Tower
    • Exit Signs

    To order any type of Explosion Proof Equipment In Pakistan, Feel free to contact us today by calling us or sending us a quotation by email.
    We serve 24/7 for your safety and security.

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