Fire Resistant Cables In Pakistan

DigitalPlus are specially designed for huge fire resistance in application along with the supply of power and assistant control in alarming systems, voice alert systems, and unexpected lighting systems along with those applications intended to meet the emergency series of code like BS5266.

Fire Proof Cables Working

These safety cables will shape some part of the necessities of BS8519 for the installation of fire-resistant power and handle cable systems for business safety and fire-fighting applications. Fire Resistant Cables In Pakistan These Fire Resistant multi-core and single-core cables are best for use in a number of Control Circuit types. For additional safety against the risk of machinery damage, we also supply strong Impact power and Fire retardant cables, b0th of the cables are best for out-door and in-door power supply applications. If you want to stand with a water jet pressure and direct impact, Impact Power is the best option for you.

Fire Resistant Cables Advantages

fire resistant cables Other Fire Resistant Cables Pakistan in our Fire execution range includes Mineral Insulated copper cables (MICC), intended to provide a definitive Fire Resistant and great protection against the electromagnetic obstruction. These heated cables are fabricated with no plastic protection and give circuit uprightness up to 950o centigrade. They are additionally accessible with LSZH overheating in different shading choices. These Fire Resistant Cables in Pakistan are primarily utilized inside perilous and hazardous conditions or where destructive synthetic compounds may influence execution. Those without polymer overheating have ATEX endorsement and follow the EU mandates on working inside risky or dangerous conditions.

Fire Resistant Cables Vs Fire Retardant Cables

fire resistant cables vs fire retardant cables Even both of these cables are designed to secure the power supply and cables form being flamed but the major difference between Fire Resistant Cables and Fire Retardant Cables also exist. Moreover, Fire retardant is intended to control the spread of flame into new areas. Fire Proof or Fire Resistant Cables in Pakistan are designed to stabilize circuit fairness and alow to work for a time when there is a high flammable condition. These differences help the industry to work smoothly in any kind of situation and allows the industry to continue the work.

Fire Resistant Cables By Digital Plus

Being a leader in safety and security industry in Pakistan DigitalPlus and Official Distributors of BELDEN have a wide range of fire-resistant cables manufactured under the European safety standards. Contact Us today to our business development team to discuss your requirements.
  • Standard Fire Resistant Cable
  • Firetec BS 7846 Impact Power Cable
  • Firetec Single Core Cable
  • Enhanced Fire Resistant Cable
  • Firetec BS 7846 Power Cable
  • LSZH Mineral Insulated 750V Cable
  • BS EN 60332-3-24 NHXH – FE180-E30 0.6/1kV Cable
  • BS EN 60332-3-24 NHXCH
  • Mineral Insulated 500V Cable

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