Industrial IP Telephones KNTECH in Pakistan

Looking for modern IP telephone systems for your industrial business? DigitalPlus provides a huge variety of Industrial IP Telephones KNTECH in Pakistan. We have a big variety of Industrial IP telephones, Outdoor phones,  Call Boxes,  Weather Proof, & IP Ring-Down Telephones.

All you need is simple network connectivity with voice over internet protocol industrial IP telephones.  These IP telephone systems are modern, fast & telephone communication based on the voice over internet protocol and the IP network. These are not like a traditional analog telephone system, which is expensive & requires an open digital environment to work. An industrial IP telephone is rich in features, multimedia functions & free to call.

Features of Industrial IP Telephones

Industrial telephones are made with aluminum alloy material. These phones are strong & when it comes to durability, no traditional phone can nearly compete its robustness & long-lasting performance. These phones are covered with quality grade up which makes them a high-quality waterproof, dustproof and moisture-resistant product in the telephone industry.

Industrial IP Telephones KNTECH in PakistanIndustrial IP Telephones are mostly used in industrial tunnels & outdoor business. In tunnels these phones are the most widely used for emergency communication purposes. Also, salt mines & power plants are using these phones to communicate with each other in any kind of dangerous or harmful situations. IP base industrial moisture-resistant phones are also used in submarines & seaplanes.


KNTECH is world-leading industrial Ip telephones & the world’s first industrial communication item manufacturers. Their network solutions are the most successful & durable in the globe. DigitalPlus is the authorized deal KNTECH industrial IP Telephones in Pakistan.

Here is the list of products that we provide:

  • IP PBX Phone System
  • Waterproof Telephone
  • Emergency Intercom
  • Public Telephone
  • Access Control SIP Intercom
  • VOIP SIP Mainboard
  • Loud Speaker Phone
  • Explosion-proof Telephone
  • SOS Telephone GSM
  • Elevator Telephone
  • Telephone Hood
  • PAGA System
  • IP Phone and Gateway
  • Waterproof Box

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