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2016 HIS End User Forum Offers Great Networking Opportunities

Posted on 31-05-2016 , by: Digital Plus , in , 0 Comments

We are less than a week away from the 2016 HIS End User Forum in Miami. However, I remember an earlier HIS event where around 30 “end users” met to talk about this software called Pro-Watch. This early forum was more about listening to Honeywell telling us that Pro-Watch was much better than Win-Pak and less about group discussion.

We all listened, but also exchanged contact information and went back to work. Then, it started. End users started calling each other and networking and discussing why we liked Pro-Watch. By the time the next HIS End User Forum came around, there were many more end users there.

Then the “change “happened. End users (led by some strong members), took control of the Forum and Honeywell did the right thing; they answered questions, but mostly listened. When end users requested features, they took notes. Each end user type (or vertical market) had unique requirements or needs. Honeywell had real product engineers attend so they could listen to customers and take notes.

The 2015 HIS End Users Forum achieved a major milestone when over 100 end users came together in Nashville and Honeywell came away with 37 flipchart pages of notes and feature requests (called “the parking lot”). The 2016 HIS End Users Forum has 142 registered end users attending. For the first time, end users can obtain certified Pro-Watch and MAXPRO training while attending the Forum.

As a security professional, we all know when you are doing your job well. There are minimal amount of security incidents. If you have too much security, your spending goes up. If you have too little security, your security incidents increase in severity and frequency.

The best way to adjust and ensure you have security adjusted correctly is to measure your metric performance data and benchmark systems and processes with other end users. Hence attending the 2016 HIS End User Forum allows you the chance to network and talk with each other so that you can develop the right solution for your unique situation.


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