Honeywell Pakistan Total Connect 2.0 app from their iOS devices. In addition to Honeywell’s popular Z-Wave thermostat, you can offer your customers a choice of some of our most advanced thermostats, ranging from full-color displays that can be changed to match any décor, models for seven-day programming, humidity and ventilation control, and dual-fuel compatibility. Expanding your offering beyond Z-Wave thermostats provides a variety of options to meet a wide range of tastes and budgets.

Partner With a Honeywell Contractor Pro Dealer

If you need assistance installing any Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi or RedLINK connected thermostats, consider contacting a Honeywell Contractor Pro Dealer. These dealers have the experience to assure the HVAC side of the installation goes smoothly. If you need to find a dealer, click here, select the product you are installing and then enter your zip code to find a Honeywell Contractor Pro dealer near you.]]>

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