Biometric Attendance System Pakistan
If you’re looking for Attendance Devices Lahore with most accurate and advance software system. DigitalPlus have biometric and face recognition Attendance Devices together with a software system. Our goal is to facilitate you with correct monthly/weekly/daily attendance coverage to keep business office rules and SOPs intact.

Attendance Devices Lahore

Biometric attendance systems are one in reference to the attire solutions in terms of attendance and time increasing universe. You’ll be able to place your fears to rest behind the biometric system and oppose the leap into a biometric-based time and attendance preparation.
Biometric Attendance System Pakistan


DigitalPlus presenting worlds leading and identical brand Honeywell Fingerprint and face recognition Attendance devices for biometric time attendance management systems.

Honeywell Attendance Devices By DigitalPlus

DigitalPlus Attendance Devices Lahore are very simple to set up and install and reporting over the software system. Our professional teams shall take you through to train on each step to observe and guarantee complete accuracy. Honeywell HON-BIOEM-500TA is our most selling and efficient attendance device in Lahore.

Honeywell Attendance Device HON-BIOEM-500TA

HON-BIOEM-500TA is fully fledged is time & attendance terminal with the fingerprint technology. It consists of a self-service report(SSR) stored in the time clock.

Attendance Devices Lahore

The 2.8inch TFT screen can show additional info vividly, together with fingerprint image and verification result. TCP/IP  is a standard that makes sure the data transmission between terminal and computer is simply done among a few seconds. An internal backup battery ensures the device work usually when the light cuts off suddenly.


  • Checks that the WordFeatures is on correct Position
  • TCP/IP Communication
  • USB supported
  • Advanced fingerprint technology
  • Self-Service Report excel software
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Incoming and Outgoing status using short keys
  • External bell or Simple access control
  • Elegant & latest design
  • TFT display with 2.8 inches
  • User-friendly GUI interface

Honeywell Web Based Attendance Device

Keeping an eye on employee presence in the business is a vital key for the efficiency of a business. DigitalPlus provide web & desktop base Honeywell attendance devices in Pakistan.

Why Us?

DigitalPlus is also one of the top most trusted authorized dealer of Honeywell Pakistan safety and security. Our biometric thumb impression Attendance Devices are capable of carrying three thousand to ten thousand fingerprints information at the same time together with one hundred thousand logs.

These Attendance devices can work standalone also as over the local area network (network) for efficient communication. Our devices consist of modern communication mediums like WiFi and 3G. 4-5 hours power/electricity outage is well compensated by inbuilt rechargeable lithium batteries.

What comes within the package when you buy attendance devices in Lahore from DigitalPlus?

A step ahead in technology innovation, we are introducing high-reliability facial expression together with RFID/biometric (optional) terminal. Its high definition IR camera never misses the entry and face capturing. These devices are capable of holding 1500 faces information together with 3000-10000 data for card and biometric.

Its unique & modern style is simple to install and use. Touch buttons are accessible on the device itself which allows users to enter their info very simply. Biometric as well as facial expression time attendance devices have access management features that facilitate your to allow and prohibit entry of people to certain space.

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Are you looking for a Biometric Attendance System Pakistan with lots of security features? You are in the right place to grab your biometric attendance system that best fits your business or organization.
Biometric attendance management system by DigitalPlus are best to track the presence of your employee or student or faculty. Ours innovate technology is secure and, advance to make your organization work smooth and get an eye on your business.
We provide the most advanced Biometric attendance system in Pakistan with lots of features like customization according to your need.

DigitalPlus Attendance System Features

Biometric attendance/time management or tracking system in Pakistan brings a more latest system to the group or some individuals presence and daily routine activities as well.  The big question that comes up in our mind about the working of these systems.

Biometric Attendance System Pakistan

These systems capture and scan your physical fingerprints or remember your face. Even our system comes with voice recognition and face detection system that is the more advanced in this era. It can recognize your voice, fingerprint, and face as well. You can add thousands of physical and vocal entries in the system and track an individual’s presence and other activities as well.

Biometric Attendance System In Pakistan By Our Brand

Biometric attendance systems by our brand also count employees’ work schedule, student’s classes schedule. Like which student or employee or worker did what, and at what time did he do it. It is a foolproof technology to assure the accuracy of attendance or presence and is useful for any type of business and organization.

We have authorized dealer of Hikvision & Honeywell. We deal in all kind of safety and security products all over the country. Contact Us today and get the best attendance management system in Pakistan that is best suits your business.

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