cellebrite pakistan

Cellebrite is law enforcement and digital intelligence leader that manufactures transfer, analysis & data extraction devices for mobile & smartphones. Cellebrite is the division of the Japanese Sunsoft Organization. DigitalPlus is one of the leading industry-proven law enforcement Cellebrite Pakistan equipment suppliers serving since 1998.

Cellebrite Pakistan By DigitalPlus

DigitalPlus provides a large scope of possible options for extracting, decryption and analyzing the data on mobile electronic devices, like smartphones, tablets, GSM mobiles, and GPS locators. These types of devices are common and used worldwide.

cellebrite pakistan

Cellebrite is a global leader in digital intelligence that helps its customers catch and reveal insights from the digital world to make our society safer from bad peoples. Cellebrite makes sure that our technology is in right hands.

Products By Our Brand

  • UFED Touch2¬†ultimate
  • Infield kiosk UFED
  • UFED 4PC
Latest generation mobile forensic resolution by Cellebrite Pakistan, allows the foremost technologically next level extraction, analysis, decoding, and coverage of mobile information.
It performs logical, physical, password extraction and file system of all information (even if permanently deleted/removed).
Cellibrite provides the widest range of devices also feature phones, smartphones, transportable GPS devices, tablets, and phones factory-made with Chinese chipsets.

Cellebrite Mobile Forensics In Pakistan -DigitalPlus

Cellebrite Mobile Forensics In Pakistan

We are providing most advanced Cellebrite UFED which is a mobile forensic series. There are many products in the market but DigitalPlus is providing the most advanced digital intelligence technology by Cellebrite in Pakistan.

  1. UFED 4PC Series
  2. Add-on Modules UFED

  3. UFED Touch Series 

Cellebrite’s UFED Touch2 in Pakistan

It is Cellebrite’s fifth-generation standalone mobile forensic device. It is a high-performance solution for today’s high-performance devices. Therefore its mobile device complexity is on the rise and when criminals use them, the law enforcement agencies require powerful tools to extract as much evidence as possible.

UFED Touch 2 Cellebrite PakistanUFED Touch2 is a comprehensive mobile forensics solution enabling investigators to extract evidentiary data in a forensically sound manner from the widest range of mobile devices. With
an intuitive touch screen, UFED Touch2 is designed for speed, usability, and portability for easy use in the lab and field. It is available at Cellebrite Pakistan with either an ultimate or logical license and includes a suite of supporting software applications, peripherals, and accessories.
  • Significant enhancements
  • High-resolution multi-touch display
  • Five times faster CPU
  • A battery that lasts twice as long
  • Built-in Multi-Sim Support
  • DDR3 Scalable Memory
  • USB 3.0 Axillaries
Its most advanced features resulting in three times faster content extraction and enabling agencies to solve crime faster.
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