gas detectors and sensors pakistan

When you start a business & you try to run it without any serious damage, you completely rely on your employees & workers. Your employees work hard day and night to give you their best to make your business successful. These people trust you blindly, so it is your responsibility to keep them safe. DigitalPlus is giving you the best solution to keep your employees & business safe with Honeywell Gas Detectors and Sensors Pakistan.

Honeywell Gas Detectors and Sensors Pakistan By DigitalPlus

DigitalPlus is one of the leading Honeywell safety and security items suppliers in Pakistan serving proudly since 1998. Honeywell gas sensors & detectors are the most demanding industrial safety item in Pakistan. Honeywell uses the most advanced detection technology to detect numerous gases including trifluorides, hydrides, and many other semiconductor gases.

gas detectors and sensors pakistan

Our safety products by Honeywell are the most comprehensive in the industry and includes solutions that utilize infrared spectroscopy without cross-interference with ChemCassette’s color paper strip technology. It allows billions of shots to be detected.

Gas Detectors in Pakistan By Our Brand

We believe in quality deliverance because safety is the most important thing to keep us safe. Our most important goal is to deliver quality items to our client, therefore, we are supplying the most advanced gas detectors and sensors in Pakistan by Honeywell.

gas detectors and sensors in pakistanDigitalPlus gas detectors and sensors in Pakistan consist of an advanced semiconductor, nanotechnology, industrial research labs, and quick response.

Here are some products by our brand with advanced detection technology.

  • SPM Flex
  • Vertex
  • ACM 150
  • Midas

SPM Flex Gas Detector

spm flex gas detectors and sensors in pakistan

These gas detectors and sensors are designed to improve safety and productivity with user-friendly, most flexible, covered with tape and best for low-level toxics.


  • High Visibility with the crisp
  • Consist of Colorful LED with a flipping screen
  • Remotely accessible from the web
  • Best for the harsh conditions
  • Multiplier options D k-factor

Vertex By Honeywell

This consist of most advanced gas detection technology, optics technology, and best observance system with up to seventy-three points of gas detection.
  • Consist of Next-level Touch screen for easy data access
  • Lowest cost to own Vertex gas detector
  • Ability to monitor 10 to 50 gas families
  • User-friendly GUI

Explore other gas detectors and sensors at HoneywellAnalytics.

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