Hazardous Areas Equipment Pakistan

DigitalPlus is a leading safety item supplier offering Hazardous Areas Equipment in Pakistan for the materials handling and oil and gas industries including fully engineered conversions, Explosion proof items, and Explosion Proof components.

Explosion Proof Equipment in Pakistan By DigitalPlus

Digital Plus supplies to all kind of industries where the environment may contain or contain in sufficient quantities, flammable or explosive gases, dust or vapors. We are the most trusted distributor for explosion proof items,  helping people to work safely in any kind of environment.

Hazardous Areas Equipment in PakistanWe also provide a wide range of Hazardous Areas Equipment in Pakistan including Signal and Control items, Specialist Alarm, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and extreme environmental conditions.

Here is the list of Hazardous Areas Equipment in Pakistan By Our Brand

  • Control Station
  • Horns & Bells
  • Call Points
  • Cable Glands
  • Continuous Lights
  • Heaters
  • Electronic Sounders
  • Control Systems
  • Junction Boxes
  • Electronic Sounders
  • Flashing Lights
  • Sounders & Beacons
  • Status Lamps
  • Sockets and plugs
  • Motorized Sirens
  • Breakglasses Speakers

DigitalPlus also supplies Explosion Proof Air Conditioners and Explosion Proof Electrical Items all over Pakistan at a most reasonable & competent price. Control station and junction boxes are also one of our best products. Control stations are being used in the areas which contain a potentially explosive atmosphere. All of our Hazardous Areas Equipment Pakistan by Honeywell  and all other leading manufactures comes in a variety of options like:

  1. Fire and Flame Detectors
  2. Intrinsically Safe and Heat Detectors
  3. Portable Gas Detectors
  4. Single Gas – Portable Gas Detectors
  5. Toxic Gas Detection Equipment
  6. Chemcassette Detection Technology
  7. Portable Gas Detectors
  8. Toxic Gas Management Systems
  9. Multi-point Analyzers
  10. Open Path Gas Detector
  11. Intelligent Flammable Gas Detector
  12. Catalytic Flammable Gas Detector
  13. Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector Control System
  14. Multigas Portable Gas Detector
  15. Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector
  16. Liquids Monitoring IR

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